Trump and Obama Agree: Repeal SC’s CON Laws

“CON laws, when first enacted, had the laudable goals of reducing healthcare costs and improving access to care. However, after considerable experience, it is now apparent that CON laws can prevent the efficient functioning of healthcare markets in several ways that may undermine those goals… For these reasons…the Agencies historically have suggested that states consider repeal or retrenchment of their CON laws, and in this case, respectfully suggest that South Carolina repeal its CON laws.”

-Obama Administration: From a joint memorandum from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division and the Federal Trade Commission. Read more here.

“Three prominent members of the Trump administration called on individual states to eliminate Certificate of Need (CON) laws regarding the development of new healthcare facilities… Writing in a sweeping, nearly 120-page report on healthcare reform, the secretaries of the Health and Human Services, Treasury, and Labor department accused states of holding back innovation in healthcare with the laws.”

-Trump Administration: three cabinet secretaries. Read more here.

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